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Oph3lia's Ramblings
Where I waffle on about random stuff and upload Sims 2 things
Default Replacement - AF & TF flared pants with sandals 
5th-Sep-2010 04:39 pm
I've always hated the stupid sandals and tiny knees of these pants. I used HP's modesty version as a base as hers was already untuckable, I edited the knees, and added aikea's sneakers (which were edited, along with the pant, so they'd fit under them). Both AF and TF versions have fat morphs and the AF version also has a pregnancy morph (at least I think I remembered to add one lol). Jean, belt and sneaker textures are all by aikea. The greey teen recolour was done by me. Teens and adults share textures for this mesh, however 2 of the recolours do not show for adults (black jeans with belt and grey jeans).

As with all default replacements, you'll have to remove any other replacements for both the teen and adult versions of these pants.

Photobucket seems to have crunched these pictures up, they're not that blurry in game. Also I fixed the line on the waist of the dark blue jeans with belt after taking the pictures.

Adult colours

Teen colours

5th-Sep-2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
I already have replacements for these files... could you do a non-default version, please?
5th-Sep-2010 11:00 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! I never liked the original maxis pants and these looks absolutely great, thank you so much for sharing! :D
6th-Jul-2011 05:39 pm (UTC) - I like
thank you
23rd-Nov-2013 02:52 am (UTC)
Awesome! Thanks for uploading these. :D
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